Manny Machado is the absolute worst

I never liked the guy. For all the talent and charm, he’s showed far too many times that he acts like an absolute clown on the field.

Let’s go back to 2014, when he took issue with Josh Donaldson after a normal tag.

Really, the problem Manny had was he fell and was embarrassed. He felt the need to throw a temper tantrum and turn the attention elsewhere.

The next day, Machado pulls a complete bush-league move. Throwing his bat after nearly getting hit on the previous pitch.

Skip two years to 2016, and Machado pulls a dirty slide on Xander Bogaerts. Can you imagine Machado’s reaction if he was on the receiving end of this?

And now, here we are. The Mannywood era.

It hasn’t gotten much better.

What a scumbag. Tries to frame Jesus Aguilar as a dirty player. Gross.

And…the latest, this time in the World Series. Pimps what he thought was a home run.

Because of the lack of hustle, Mannywood only ends up at first.

Manny Machado is the absolute worst.