Trump was right; Dodgers choke for second straight year


Big mistake is right, as the Dodgers have once again fallen short in the World Series for the second straight year.

The road team celebrating with the trophy at Dodger Stadium has now become a common theme. You can thank Manny Machado for playing like an absolute scrub in this series.

But hey, seeing Chris Sale completely drop Manny to his knee on a strikeout to end the series was a nice bow on the 2018 campaign.

If I’m Los Angeles, I don’t even remotely consider re-signing Machado. Cory Seager is really good, and isn’t a goofball. Remember, Seager finished top-3 in MVP voting just two years ago.

As a Jays fan, I’m really happy to see Steve Pearce win World Series MVP. He was a Blue Jay for less than two seasons, but I enjoyed watching him on a consistent basis (especially against lefties!).

He’s now a hero for life in Beantown, and is going to get PAID this offseason.

Overpaid probably, but regardless — good for him!

Capitalism, baby.

Speaking of former Jays, I can’t believe David Price is now suddenly “Mr.Clutch” in the postseason. This is a guy who hadn’t recorded a SINGLE playoff victory before the 2018 postseason.

Myself (along with many others), are now eating our words after his performances in both the ALCS and WS.

At the end of the day, one man remains a total fraud in the playoffs.

His name is Clayton Kershaw.

The most dominant pitcher in the regular season, who falls short when it matters most…the baseball version of Peyton Manning.

I can’t imagine being a fan of an MLB team that just lost the World Series for the second straight year. It’s easily the hardest road to championship status in all of sports.

If I’m a Dodgers fan, I’m watching the entire 2019 season as a complete zombie — feeling dead-inside the entire way.

The beauty of sports, and the great harm it causes us, folks.