Diddy Had The Best Birthday Ever

Photo by: Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX/IPx 5/6/15 Sean "Diddy" Combs, joined by department store chain Macy's Inc. Chairman and CEO Terry Lundgren, marks the international introduction of his fragrance "3AM" during an event featuring a new department store window display; Macy's Herald Square, check in at Broadway and 35th Street

While beginning this blog, I realized that I’m halfway to 50 and that just made me feel old as fuck.

When I turn 49 I don’t want, I NEED to have a birthday like this.

I’m not sure what to refer to him since all the name changes.. is it puff daddy? Is it Puff or puffy? Is it P Diddy or just Diddy? I’ll just call him Mr. Combs. Mr Combs had a casual start to the day when he skydived into the back yard of the playboy mansion… wild boy move.


Later that night is when the party of all parties started. Having valet for your birthday party is also a flex that I need in this life.  Mr. Combs had that, along with an all-star cast of characters.  LeBron was on the top of that list fresh off a nice L and wearing glasses at night WTF….

While he should be working on his free throws, he was in fact living it up at Mr. Combs birthday bash.  The next big name star that caught my eye only because I want to have babies with her was Kourtney, the hottest of the Kardashian Clan (don’t fucking @ me  use your eyes & I didn’t include the 2 younger bimbos in that formula).

I love everything about Kourtney. The amazing MILF body, the fact that she prays on younger pieces of meat (what can I do to have for her to marry me)  & mostly having a romantic relation with Scotty D who might be the funniest human of all times.



Another Big Name was Wiz, who was surprisingly not wearing sunglasses but very clearly high.

Now I used to love Wiz; my guilty pleasure song is ‘No Sleep’… please don’t tell my friends.  That was the song that would come on in the car with my friends and I would say turn that shit off, but when I was by myself that shit would be full blast.

LL Cool J was also there looking big as fuck, also wearing sun glasses WTF. The highlight of the night was Kodak trying to leave with a full drink in his hand (real fucking vet move), but got shut down right away by a security guard.

I’m sure I left some out but the party was rumoured to have 200 people. This is where this story takes a wild twist.

The cops came and shut down the party.

Because these rich-ass people don’t have enough money to pay off the cops or whoever complained. This hasn’t happened to me since high school. Just picture 200 of the biggest celebrities running from a multi-million Mansion. Must have been a banger.

BUT GOD BLESS THE TROOPS and all the other Police & service members!

God Bless Y’all,