Tom Brady is 200/1 to become next U.S. President

As I woke up this morning, I did what I do every time the sun rises.

Immediately feed my Twitter addiction and scroll through my timeline like a junkie who desperately needs his fix.

Along the way, I came across this tweet…


A beautiful transition in office from one GOAT to another.

Brady, a born-winner, will be able to handle the job with ease.

He can dodge and elude press conference questions like a pro, and has already survived two scandals (Spygate/Deflategate)!

Hell, I already know what his campaign slogan should be!

Brady 2020: LET’S GO!

President Tom Brady, I could get used to saying that.

He is a surgeon on the field, and can absolutely dissect defenses. Who says he can’t do the same in politics with his opponents on the other end of the aisle?

Run for office, Tommy.

And we can all watch these haters get mad together.