Raw Recap 11/12/18

Monday Night Raw was live from Kansas City, Missouri in the Sprint Center. This was the final episode before the Survivor Series pay-per-view on Sunday. Raw opened with a tag team battle royal… except Braun Strowman had other ideas and cleared the ring. Strowman grabbed a mic and called out Raw Acting general manager, Baron Corbin. Strowman wanted Corbin to come “get these hands”, but was quickly interrupted by Raw commissioner, Stephanie McMahon. She said Strowman cannot hold Raw hosatge and that he should be focused on leading team Raw to victory at Survivor Series. Strowman doesn’t give a “damn” about Shane and Smackdown so the two strike a deal. If Strowman leads team Raw to victory on Sunday, then he will get a rematch for the Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar and a bout with Corbin. Rousey came out and told McMahon that she is ready to beat Becky Lynch on Sunday, to which Baron Corbin came out and said Rousey was overconfident to which she hip tossed Corbin. Strowman amd Corbin were left staring face-to-face and Strowman promised to neuter Corbin after Survivor Series.

Next up was Ember Moon vs Tamina Snuka. This match started with Moon looking strong and very elusive of Snuka early by getting her off her vertical base and a strong enziguri earned her a two count on the second-generation talent. Moon still had the upper-hand back from commercial until Nia Jax distracted her former ally and allowed Tamina to hit a splash for the win.

Next, Corey Graves was in the ring to interview Intercontinental Champion, Seth Rollins about his match Sunday against Shinsuke Nakamura from Smackdown Live. Rollins stated he didn’t give a damn about Nakamura and that he was more focused on his former, SHIELD brother, Dean Ambrose. Rollins called Ambrose a coward to which Ambrose appeared in the parking lot on the video board. Ambrose said he was mistreated in the SHIELD and was treated as the joke of the group and did not regret turning on his brother. Finally the fire next to Ambrose who was sitting on the car hood is put to use as Ambrose as seen burning his SHIELD vest and gear and burned it.

McIntyre and Ziggler make their way to the ring to address Survivor Series and McIntyre’s big win over Kurt Angle last week. McIntyre called Angle “nothing more than an embarrassment” after he made him tap out last week. McIntyre claimed Raw was his show to which Finn Balor interrupted. Balor said the Scot didn’t have to embarrass Angle and said he has been dealing with bullies like Drew his whole life. Balor challenged McIntyre to a fight to which he declined. McIntyre said if Balor beats Ziggler then they will fight. That match was up next.

Balor defeated Dolph Ziggler in a match that was between two of the finest technicians on the roster. Both Balor and Ziggler looked strong in this match and Balor picked up his first quality win in a couple weeks. Should be fun to see a future bout between Balor and McIntyre.

Ruby Riott and the Riott Squad made their way to the ring to address their actions from last week. Riott “apologized” for breaking Nattie’s sunglasses that were her father’s. Until she flashed an evil smile and showed no remorse in embarrassing Neidhart. Nattie came out to attack the leader of the squad but the numbers game proved to be too much.

The tag team battle royal that was supposed to take place earlier happened next and was to determine the captain of the Team Raw tag team Survivor Series team. Slater/Rhyno, Revival, Lucha House Party, and B-Team were all eliminated in that order leading to the Ascension and Gable/Roode as the final two teams. Roode and Gable came out on top in a lazily booked and qucik battle royal.

Lesnar and Heyman returned to Raw to address the Beast’s bout with AJ Styles on Sunday at Survivor Series. Heyman boasted about his client and promised he would give Styles a ticket to “Suplex City”. Heyman was abruptly interrupted by Jinder Mahal and the Singh brothers. Mahal offered his backup to the Beast Incarnate and offered to show him his ways. Lesnar had enough and beat down Mahal and his sidekicks with F-5s.

Lashley and Lio Rush came out before Lashley’s match with Elias to determine the finals spot on Raw’s mens team. A typical Lio Rush promo was quickly interrupted by Elias who basically said “Lashley sucks” and the then the match got underway. Lashley overpowered Elias for the most part until the match went to ringside and Elias got thrown into the steps. Elias almost made it back to the ring until Lio Rush grabbed Elias’ foot from under the ring, leading to Lashley winning the bout and becoming the fifth member of team Raw.

Alexa Bliss made her way to the ring to announce her picks for the women’s traditional five on five match at Survivor Series for the red brand. Bliss announced Natalya was on the team but would not make her way to the ring because she was taken out by the Riott Squad. She then announced Tamina, Nia and Mickie James as member and that the fifth member would be decided by Bayley and Sasha which started right now.

Bayley and Banks renewed their rivalry and Banks took advantage of a knee injury she exploited during the match. Bayley hit a nasty Bayley-to-Belly on the ring apron which left both in pain. After the break, Tamina and Nia and Mickie James attack both competitors leading to a no contest. Bliss announces she was trolling everyone and that the actual fifth member would be Ruby Riott. The heels stood tall until cameras quickly panned backstage to the locker room area where Ronda Rousey is seen on the ground in the Dis-Arm-Her from Smackdown Women’s champ, Becky Lynch. Lynch makes Rousey tap before making her way to the ring to takeover Raw. Lynch is standing outside the ring ready to jump the Raw women’d division by herself before the rest of Smackdown roster comes in from behind and a huge brawl takes place. Rousey’s music hit and she rushed to the ring to seek revenge on Lynch. Lynch was ready though as she grabbed a chair and hit Ronda Rousey, bloodied face and all (more on that later). The Smackdown women retreat and leave Rousey seething in the ring as Raw fades to black.

Overall, a quality go-home show from the A-show. A show mixed with promos and matches made for a good balance of entertainment and action. Many intriguing stories to follow into Sunday and beyond, especially the injury to Becky Lynch, thanks to Nia Jax. It was reported that Lynch suffered a concussion and broken nose on Tuesday.

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