Raw Review and Results

Opening promo:

Corbin, McIntyre and Lshley all boast about beating up Strowman last week on Raw. Video shows of Strowman prepping for surgery and vows revenge on Corbin, McIntyre and Lashley. Corbin announces their match is still on at TLC and that he wins by forfeit. Elias interrupts and performs a song mocking all three men, but mainly lashley.
A bit long and another example of wwe raw having a 20 min opening promo to basically announce a match.

Lashley vs. Elias

Match starts with a tie up and crowd chanting “Lashley sucks”. Elias chops his way out of corner but lashley regained control. Elias gets upper hand and gets lashley out of ring. Lashley is overpowering Elias thus far. Back from break Elias is rolling and taking it to Bobby. Elias hits diving elbow but Lio rush breaks up the pin. Corbin makes the match No DQ and the numbers game proves to be too strong for Elias and loses the match. (2.5 stars)

Ambrose promo from physician

Ambrose trashes Milwaukee and says Seth is only doing an open challenge because he’s not there tonight. Dean says there’s nothing Seth can do to beat him and that he will put Seth out of his misery at TLC (4 stars) The doctor office was an odd setting, but nonetheless this was a great promo from Ambrose.

Lucha house party vs revival

Revival make their entrance and say LHP is cheap for their Lucha house rules and demand a fair rematch. But again, this match is again contested under “Lucha house rules” meaning all three men can compete. Metalik starts off but the Luchadors use their speed with quick tags. Dorado eventually hit a shooting star press for LHPs third straight victory over Revival. (-3 stars). Yes that is a negative. This was terrible, the ultimate burial of the revival. No point to this match and LHP will never standout despite WWEs attempts.

Nia Jax promo against Ronda

Nia bragged (again) about concussing Becky Lynch two weeks ago. Then states she lead to the downfall of Ronda Rousey. Rousey comes out and promises to take her out at TLC. Tamina and Nia looked to double team Ronda, but Nattie makes the save, only to be taken out by Riott Squad. Rousey sent Riott Squad retreating. (2 stars) Rousey saved this segment. Jax was cringeworthy on the mic and seemed to not really know what to say.

AOP vs Gable/Roode (Tag Championship Match)

Akam and Roode start things off, but maverick distracts Bobby by taking his robe. Maverick runs baskstage and pees on Roodes robe allowing AOP to pick up the win. (1.5 stars). In ring action not particularly exciting. Relied mainly on the outside antics. Maverick is the only thing that makes the champs interesting and even then that pairing makes zero sense.

Ember Moon (w/Curt Hawkins) vs. Alicia Fox (w/Mahal)

Fox tried for quick pins. Moon prevails and hits an eclipse for the win. (NR) Glorified squash. Tried to hype up Mixed Max Challenge playoffs but was not exciting. Hawkins and Moon celebrate with No Way Jose.

No Way Jose vs Jinder Mahal

Mahal over powers Jose early on. But Jose didn’t go away lightly, he gets a roll up of two on Mahal but Mahal kicks out and continues to beat down Jose before hitting the Khallas. (0.5 stars). Nothing special. Didn’t serve any purpose than to full time. Raw continues to struggle during the hour two mark.

Seth Rollins open challenge for IC title

Rollins says he’s bringing back the open challenges to re focus his mind from Ambrose. Ziggler answers the call for the title shot. Match starts off technical based and both men look to be strong. Ziggler has control coming back from break and gets in some neat falls. Ziggler proved he was a legitimate opponent, but not even a Zig zag was enough to put Seth down. Seth wins via the Falcon arrow (3.5 stars). Solid match. These two can steal any show and they did that tonight. Not the greatest match but still overall solid.

Sasha and Bayley forum

Sasha and Bayley answers questions from the fans until Bliss took over and tried to start a fight between the two friends. (2 stars) Boring and childish. Nothing special

Baron vs Balor

Corbin started the match by overpowering the smaller Bálor. But Bálor wouldn’t be stopped. Corbin eventually announces that McIntyre is now legal as it is a handicap match. McIntyre put balor away with a Claymore. (2.25 stars) Basically a repeat of the first segment. Balor continues to be nothing more than a punching bag for Raw.