Fuck the NFL

I’d say the recent Kareem Hunt news was pretty bad stu….

Sorry…. I’m really sorry. I just need a second to compose myself and restart.

Just a few liiiittle paces around the room. Just a liiiiiittle count to 10, because I’m already getting pissed off.

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Okay. Let’s try that again.

I’d say the recent Kareem Hunt news surely surprised us all.

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The only thing the NFL does more than hide domestic abuse is botch landmark cases year after year

And amidst reading a metric shit ton of media coverage and responses to my own shit-talk on Kareem, Kansas City, and the NFL, I can’t help but think some of y’all are missing the entirely overarching point.

I don’t give a shit about the “reality” of the situation that is domestic abuse in the NFL, and how team management isn’t the league’s jurisdiction. The league doesn’t do enough and needs to be better. And all I’ve really seen from anyone not holding the NFL accountable, and even the NFL itself, is excuses.

“It wasn’t as bad as Mixon!”

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Yeah, fuck off.

“It wasn’t as bad as Rice!”

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Yeah…. Fuck off.

“If you watch the video, he barely even touched her.”

I’ll leave my response to the imagination.

“One person’s actions aren’t representational of an entire organization.”

No shit, Sherlock. Thanks for that. I’d hope most could deduce that one part doesn’t solely represent the whole. *looks to the political dialogue in our mainstream media*

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“How would the NFL know? We should probably blame the Chiefs.”

“Okayyyy! A decent take here. I suppose that could make sense,” I said, as I felt the very blood in my veins seize the chance cool off, no thanks to the NFL’s uncanny ability to piss me off at a second’s notice.

“And sure. Jurisdiction is one thing. Perhaps the NFL didn’t know and Kansas City’s the only one playing foul.”

But then the voices set in, and their whispers started to spread, like they inevitably do. And we, the common people, started everr sooo sloooowly getting the pieces to the puzzle.

We learned that the Cleveland police never even asked the hotel for the surveillance video. We continued under the assumption that the NFL had no knowledge.

We learned that the Chiefs took Kareem’s testimony at face value, then opting to no longer pursue the matter. Blah blah blah, regular run of the mill, NFL shit.

Then? The bombshell? It happened in February. Both Kansas City and the NFL knew.

It happened in FEBRUARY?! And both Kansas City and the NFL knew

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For what feels like the bajillionth time, we’re graced with absolute lack of transparency from the NFL

And I’m sorry, but some of the defending towards the league and Hunt is just as absurd as my mock quotes used above.

Regardless, we sure are at a shitty place in society when the first answer here isn’t outrage towards the NFL

What is that? The average sports fan becoming desensitized to domestic violence directly thanks to how grossly it’s been mismanaged in business and sports forever?

Then we get some more bombshells, as new information starts generating like electricity.

Kansas City Star article from Wednesday, Dec. 6th, which does well to summarize le bombshells

There were other incidents

SHEEEEEESH I’m getting pissed off again.

It’s just so messed up and ironic that it’s almost funny to me, because it’s so indicative of larger problems.

We have this hollow hootin’ n’ hollerin’ going on about all things social justice when most people are just falling in line because it’s conducive to retaining a charitable reputation.

Yet behind closed doors, American organizations, corporations, and businesses far and wide still largely aid and abet abuse of all kinds, even going so far as to lie by omission.

Starting at your local golf club, meandering all the way up through professional sports, reality television and the highest ranks of government, abuse is still enabled by some of American society’s most powerful.