Antonio Gates seems to disagree with LeBron’s “slave mentality” remarks

Antonio Gates, one of the greatest NFL tight-ends of all-time, also seems like an extremely humble guy.

When asked by TMZ Sports about LeBron James’ slave mentality comments on HBO’s “The Shop”, Gates didn’t seem like he was under slave control from the NFL and his team’s owner.

Check out the clip for yourself…

The two biggest quotes from Gates?

“I don’t know all the owners — I know my owner. And, my relationship with my owner has been phenomenal. And, it’s sports. You know what I mean? You get paid to play.”


“A lot of us make a really good living, man, being able to support our families at the same time. So, it is what it is.”

Gates is currently in his 16th season with Chargers, and is still chugging along at age 38.

While he’s no longer the threat he used to be, the eight-time Pro Bowler is still a solid safety net/red-zone option for Phillip Rivers.

The Chargers will look to defeat the Ravens this Sunday in the Wild Card round. Seeing Antonio have some playoff success for once would be well-deserving.