Does Manny Machado want to win, or cash-in?

We’ll most likely find out over the next few days.

Reportedly, the most aggressive teams going after Machado are the White Sox and Phillies.

The White Sox are going all out, trying to lure Manny by signing players that have connections to him.

Meanwhile the Phillies already have a nice nucleus to surround Manny around with.

Rhys Hoskins, Andrew McCutchen, and Jean Segura — with Aaron Nola and Jake Arrieta leading the rotation.

Oh yeah, they’re meeting with Bryce Harper in Vegas on Saturday as well. They’re getting serious about spending some “stupid” money.

For a long time it looked like Philly would make the playoffs last year, but a huge collapse down the stretch in September nullified that.

The Phillies would be serious World Series contenders with the addition of Harper or Machado, let alone both.

You’d think the White Sox will offer Manny slightly more since they’ve really zeroed in on him over the last couple days.

If true, this really comes down to whether or not Machado wants to be on a winning team, or make the most cash playing with Jon Jay and Yonder Alonso.

And if you think the White Sox will be turning it around anytime soon, you’re wrong.

Chicago is still clearly in rebuild mode, and don’t have a great track record when they try to go out and spend in free agency.

In 2015, they made splashes signing Melky Cabrera, Adam Laroche, and David Robertson. Ticket sales went up and Chicago looked like they could very well have a decent season.

The White Sox subsequently finished 10 games under .500. The team on the south side hasn’t made the postseason since…2008.

Win, or cash-in?

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