What we learned from the CFP National Championship game

I know I picked Alabama in the CFP National Championship preview that went up yesterday, but when I really thought Clemson could win the game

I didn’t expect the thorough beatdown by Clemson like that, but I knew that they could win the game because Alabama had so much to lose, and well, Clemson didn’t.

Here’s what we learned from last nights title game.

Two Dynasties?

Alabama has been in a class of their own for the past 10 years, winning five national championships since the Saban era began.  But, Clemson has slowly been climbing up the ranks and solidified themselves as a legitimate contender when they beat ‘Bama in 2016.

In the last four years, both teams have two titles along with a record of 55-4.  After last nights beat down, is Clemson now in the class with Alabama?

Tua Tagovailoa is human

After putting up gaudy stats in the regular season and in the CFP Semifinals, Tua showed us that he is human.

After having more touchdowns than incompletions in the CFP Semifinal against Oklahoma, Tua went 23/34 for 295 yards, with 2 TD’s and 2 INT’s, one interception being a pick-six.

Trevor Lawrence is a stud

Us college football fans have been treated to some great QB’s over the years, and Trevor Lawrence is one of them, and his hair makes it even better.

Lawrence was 20/32 for 347 yards, with 3 TD’s.  Kelly Bryant being benched for Lawrence may be one of the best decisions the Clemson program has ever made, other than hiring Dabo Swinney.

Drake is a curse

The ultimate bandwagon? I think so.

Drake was caught last night wearing an Alabama jersey and then the Tide get blown out. Can we get him to put on a Zion Williamson jersey? Or just a Duke jersey in general?

Alabama/Clemson the new Warriors/Cavaliers?

In the CFP’s short history, the Tide and the Tigers have played each other four years in a row.  The last time I can remember two powerhouses meeting in games of this magnitude is when the Warriors and Cavaliers played each other.

I wouldn’t mind it.