Left-wing sports media wants to eliminate the “kiss cam”

Going to sporting events is something most of us like to do.  Usually during halftime or during timeouts, the “kiss cam” pops up at some point, where they put two people on the jumbotron and they either kiss each other or get really embarrassed (sometimes both).

The left-wing media has now gotten ahold of this like the plague gets ahold someone’s body — basically ruining it.

The latest ridiculousness comes courtesy of The Ringer’s Britni de la Cretaz.

Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 1.31.00 PM.png

“She/her”(respecting the pronouns) argues that the kiss-cam should be eliminated from in-game entertainment, saying it raises questions about inclusiveness, pressure, and consent.

This part of the article was especially ridiculous.

Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 1.21.50 PM.png

How are you supposed to assume who and who isn’t in a same-sex relationship in the crowd? It’s hard enough determining whether guys or girls in the stands are couples, or just friends/family.

The kiss cam is kind of like the lottery, meaning the chances of winning or in this case getting on the jumbotron, is very unlikely due to the fact you are in the same place with 20,000+ others. It’s designed to be a form of fun entertainment that keeps fans engaged, but now they think it exploits people.

I have found that people nowadays will turn a small thing like this into a very big deal when it shouldn’t be. Do I remember who was on the kiss cam? Heck no.

Do I remember who hit the three-pointer in the corner? Yes.

If you purchased a ticket to a sporting event and happen to end up on the kiss cam, and it’s so embarrassing and traumatizing for you that you can’t remember who won the game, you might have a problem.

It all comes back to the left-wing media pushing their political agenda, which is what most of them get paid to do.  Something so innocent like the kiss cam can be turned into something that sounds like hell, which it really isn’t.  They pick things apart and create a deeper meaning for it, and when you hear it you think they’ve lost your mind.

That’s exactly what they’ve done here.  They’ve turned a form of entertainment at sporting events into an “exploitative practice.”

This world continues to amaze me.