Michael Bennett’s history of being a clown

Michael Bennett is probably the most unlikeable player in the NFL. You can count on the talented defensive end to do something really dumb…a lot.

Here is a brief history of Bennett being an idiot, on and off the field.

Getting Dirty At The End Of Games

Imagine wanting to tear someone’s ACL on purpose during a kneel-down.

Welcome to Michael Bennett’s world.

Even in the Super Bowl, Bennett comes off as a sore loser after a dumb encroachment penalty.

He tries to get into with Gronk and is promptly taken down right away.

Lying About Being Racially Profiled

You’d think the three cops who detained him during the Las Vegas nightclub incident in 2017 were white, right?

Two were hispanic, one was African-American.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Getting Pushy?

It gets worse. Michael Bennett was then indicted for allegedly pushing a 66-year old paraplegic woman during the 2017 Super Bowl.

Sore Loser…Again

The latest actions from Mr.Bennett? Freaking out at a cameraman for doing his job following the Eagles playoff loss in New Orleans this past Sunday…

Thank you to Clay Travis for being the only notable figure in the mainstream sports media who will call Michael Bennett out for his BS.

It’s a shame that the left-wing sports media will give “woke” athletes a break.