MSM Loses Sleep; Clemson Doesn’t Care, Eats

It was another dumb-ass week in Washington, but I suppose I could say that every week.

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Here I was thinking that political media couldn’t get any dumber, but I report back to you as sorely fucking mistaken. I’ve arrived at that point multiple times in the past few years, yet the asinine practices of our media still amaze and disgust me. But shit, it’s all just a big show! Why keep the ball from rolling?

Latest on the agenda us Plebeians had no part in creating:

  1. Corporations still making fools of consumers who authentically think they give a shit about your political affiliation/partisanship, while the same consumers argue among themselves about trivial bullshit and market corporate products for free. Here’s a quick link:
  2. Liberal media causing a ruckus over Trump buying the Clemson football team fast food for their White House visit. An entire Google search link:

I can’t even begin to explain how fucking annoying it is to me that the aforementioned events have been dominating the MSM spotlight. There are real journalists that exist and are paid to cover the kind of shit listed above, and they exist in hordes. PAID.

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I was going to find a funnier GIF, but Sheldon’s actual hopelessness here does a better job of supplementing my point.

Seriously, though. How do people working for liberal MSM collectively obsess over unethically making one person look bad, yet still claim to think for themselves? I mean, I found the NPC Wojak meme hilarious from the get-go, but ever since, the meme has become all too accurate and scary.

Origin of the NPC Wojak meme

1) Gillette joins The Pussification of America project, yet somehow, some people can’t see that it’s not about the advertisement alone

It’s about everything else in the conversation. Personal values, identity, masculinity, and more, areas that barely scratch the surface on their own. It’s about a massive, utterly illogical attempt to attack traditional masculinity at its core.

I’m not sure why the left tries so desperately to downplay that. We all watched quietly as the entire DNC fought tooth and nail to frame Brett Kavanaugh as guilty for a sexual assault that allegedly occurred thirty-six years ago.

I’m burnt out on this bullshit topic as a whole, so here’s a Facebook post I wrote about it earlier today:


Whatever. I’ll move on.

Generally though, one might think that alienating consumers via political ideology is idiotic in principle. Reality, however, says that the corporate advertising executives involved here probably know a fuck-ton more than people selling out to advertising that aligns with their personal beliefs.

It may seem like an idiotic, pessimistic, or depressing point, but perhaps humanity really just isn’t as smart as we think we are.

Also see: ESPN/Nike’s Kaepernick debacle.

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2) Who the literal fuck cares about what Trump bought the Clemson football team for dinner? And why?

I honestly can’t spend much time on this either, for my own sanity, as this is the topic that actually pisses me off out of the two. If you can find someone with a good answer, send them my way.

Actually, it doesn’t even have to be good. I just simply dare you to find anyone anywhere that is A) actually upset about college kids eating fast food, and, B) actually capable of producing sensible talking points on the “issue.” In fact, I’ll literally send an entire, digitally-crisp $1 bill via cash payment app to whoever can present a point that isn’t utterly stupid, simply because nobody else has.

In Closing

As time marches on, all media-driven things seem to only get crazier, thanks largely to things like biased media, social media, pageview-driven marketing, and SEO. And as time marches on in this evolving manner, it’s interesting to observe the societal norms, practices, and ideologies that have stood or failed the test of time. When pondering that thought, I can’t help but lose myself to thoughts of human history’s cyclical nature.

When all is said and done, how much does humanity really change overtime? We rise and fall, create and destroy, yet we still primitively band together over the subjective morality and political views we’ve decided is best for the world.

Then again, morality and beliefs are what shape civilizations at their core, forming the countries and cultures as we know them today. At some point, perhaps such tribalism is unavoidable. Perhaps it’s in our blood.

Take a look around you. Here in the United States, it’s easy to forget that people worldwide are willing to die for what they believe in. For some, the world’s largest melting pot is expected to be different.