College basketball rants and rambling

This past Saturday there were quite a few upsets.  We went into the day with two undefeated teams and went to bed with none.  Michigan losing to Wisconsin and Virginia losing in a thriller to Duke.  Kansas somehow lost to 8-9 West Virginia, Indiana got crushed by Purdue, Auburn lost to Kentucky in another thriller, Texas Tech got beat by Baylor, and Oklahoma fell to Texas.

With upset-packed college basketball Saturdays like the one we just had, I am always anxious to see how the committees will react, since the next set of rankings come out two days later.

With these upsets, Duke only fell one spot to #2, Tennessee climbed to #1 which is incredible since the Vols were picked to finish 13th in the SEC at the start of last season.

Michigan who was originally #2, fell all the way to #5, which didn’t surprise me.  Virginia, ranked 4th at the time of the Duke loss, climbed a spot to #3, Kentucky moved to the #8 spot, and somehow North Carolina is #11.  How?

Take a look at the rest of the rankings:

screenshot 2019-01-22 13.13.05

I have a few complaints.  Kansas shouldn’t be in the top 10 anymore, maybe even the top 15.  If you’re good, you simply cannot lose to a 8-9 West Virginia team and I don’t care if it’s on the road or if you’re missing one of your best players, you aren’t a top 10 team.

Virginia loses to Duke and moves up a spot.  If you lose, even if the loss is to a good team, you cannot be rewarded.  They should’ve fallen out of the top 5.  I will never be able to take a Virginia team or any Tony Bennett team seriously now, since they lost to UMBC, by 20, in the tournament last year.

How is Nevada #7? The best team they’ve beaten is Arizona State, who was #20 at the time, and they have five losses.  Doesn’t make sense.

With all of that, here are your games to watch this week:


#22 Mississippi State @ #8 Kentucky – 7:00 PM

#2 Duke @ Pittsburgh – 9:00 PM

#20 Ole Miss @ Alabama – 9:00 PM

#14 Texas Tech @ Kansas State – 7:00 PM


#6 Michigan State @ Iowa – 7:00 PM

#21 NC State @ #23 Louisville – 8:00 PM


#5 Michigan @ Indiana – 6:30 PM


#24 Iowa State @ #20 Ole Miss – !2:00 PM

#3 Virginia @ Notre Dame – 1:00 PM

West Virginia @ #1 Tennessee – 4:00 PM

#9 Kansas @ #8 Kentucky – 6 PM

#16 Auburn @ #22 Mississippi State – 8:30 PM


#6 Michigan State @ Purdue – 1:00 PM

Seton Hall @ #18 Villanova – 2:30 PM

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