Saints fans file lawsuit after NFC Championship loss

Outrage culture is real, y’all.

You literally can’t make this up — two New Orleans Saints fans have filed LAWSUITS against the NFL, after the refs botched a pass-interference call late in the game.

Chris D’Amico, the lawyer backing these fans, wants Commissioner Roger Goodell to enforce Rule 17, reverse the call, and put 1:49 back on the clock! Here’s his full statement.

What is this, the WWE?

The refs messed up for sure, but the Saints blew their chances to put the Rams away in the first half.

Also, how about when Jared Goff got face-masked and there was no call?

The Saints also won the coin toss to start overtime, and Drew Brees and the offense blew it.

Get over it, Saints fans. Go worry about keeping Anthony Davis in your city.

And hey, look on the bright side – now you won’t have to lose to Tom Brady and the Patriots in the Super Bowl 🙂