Vanderbilt got robbed against Tennessee

Last night, #1 Tennessee put its number one ranking on the line as they faced Vanderbilt in Nashville.  I will admit, I didn’t watch the whole game, but I did keep track throughout the second half.

I opened my ESPN app and found that the Vols were trailing the Commodores by six with 1:22 to play.  I immediately turned the game on and noticed that the officials, once again, were at the monitor reviewing something.  Let me say this, the monitor is being used way to much this year. We want to speed up the game, right? Don’t go to the monitor five times every game.

The refs were reviewing a rebound involving Grant Williams and Simi Shittu. The call resulted in a flagrant foul because of a hook and hold, which refs are cracking down on this year.

Take a look for yourself:

The call was horrible, Williams flopped, and Vandy should’ve gotten possession up six.  Instead the flagrant was called, Williams hit both FT’s, Tennessee then scored, and the game went into OT. Vanderbilt lost, 88-83.

I always like seeing the #1 team go down. The flagrant on Shittu was absurd. If it was a hook and hold, Williams would’ve been slammed to floor instead of flying in the air.

Vanderbilt had chances to win the game down the stretch though and choked. Grant Williams, who should be one of the player of the year candidates, had 23 free throws in last nights game and got some favorable calls from the refs down the stretch.

Williams did play mostly “bully ball” last night, only attempting two threes.  But, unless the opposing team is just totally hacking a player, it’s hard for me to believe he got 23 free throws without some questionable calls.

Put the free throws and flagrant foul to the side, the refs went to the monitor and still got the call wrong. Last Saturday, the refs went to the monitor regarding a PJ Washington foul, which resulted in the Auburn player hitting the floor hard and bleeding from the face. It was pretty clear that the Auburn player just landed wrong, but the officials went to the monitor and called a flagrant 1 on PJ, which could’ve changed the game entirely.

The monitor is used way to much nowadays in college basketball and the most aggravating thing is, the officials still fail to get the call right. If we’re going to slow the game down and go to the monitor a ton, at least get the calls right.

Referees are becoming a big problem in college basketball. They implement themselves into the games and sometimes make them unwatchable. I have always thought officials need to be held more accountable for their calls and it shocks me that they can get away with some of the stuff they’re doing.