LOCK IT IN! Why Drew Lock will be the best NFL QB in his class

The Super Bowl is a week from Sunday. While the Patriots and Rams will be preparing for each other, every other team has already started its draft process.

The best part of the draft is the ambiguity of not knowing who’s going to make a impact in their first year playing. Quarterbacks are always the best prospects to look at whether your team needs one or not.

The front-runner for the QB to be drafted first right now is Dwayne Haskins by the Giants. While the G-Men could decide to ride with Eli another year and wait for next years better class, most people think Haskins is the real deal. I’m here to tell you he isn’t.

Drew Lock is.

Let me clear something up right now. I’m a Broncos fan and I want and need them to draft a QB this year. They need to draft one that is the most pro-ready, has the intangibles, and has faced adversity and competition. Drew Lock checks all these boxes.

The Broncos should stay away from Haskins (I don’t need another bust like Paxton Lynch). I’m a Florida Gators fan and the SEC bias is somewhat real. My opinion is that you’re a quarterback that can succeed against SEC defenses, you will do pretty well in the NFL.

Lock had a passer rating of 93.2 and 171.6 against Alabama and Florida. Two premier SEC defenses.

Drew Lock is being compared as a poor man’s Pat Mahomes due to his ability to change arm angles and be creative with the ball (watch his Senior Bowl underhand throw).

I would compare him to a more mobile Mathew Stafford. He can run if needed and has crazy arm strength. Apparently he threw 60 yards in the rain. That is a rocket of an arm and it improved every year in college.

In his senior year, Lock made smart decisions and was very accurate. He had his best completion percentage at 63%. Just think what he can do with a team like Denver where he can learn the playbook and offense under Case Keenum for a year then start in 2020 and put on a show.

Nothing against Haskins, Murray or Jones; but Lock is this year’s best get.