Ex-Sonics owner Howard Schultz is seriously considering running for President of the United States

Former Seattle Supersonics owner Howard Schultz layed out a bombshell on Sunday.

All I can say is you better hope Schultz is better at this politician thing, than being a sports team owner.

Schultz bought the Sonics in 2001, and immediately rubbed elbows with then-All Star point guard Gary Payton in 2002 after he was late to the first day of training camp. Schultz traded Payton at the deadline that season.

Schultz was well-known for showing his emotions courtside at home games. That…didn’t play out well according to a Seattle Times article from 2003:

“After the Payton trade, many of those same friends said he should give up his courtside seats. They watched him jump and dance and slump into his chair with dejection so many times they worried. They wondered if it was healthy for him to sit in the open where the fans could vent their hostility. They suggested a luxury box, maybe for a while, at least until the outcry over the trade had died down.”

When Schultz’s Sonics were starting lose money, he publicly made it known that he would sell or move the team if he didn’t get help with arena funds. This was the week leading up to the 2005 Super Bowl, where the Seahawks were making their first-ever appearance.

Way to be a total buzzkill for Seattle sports fans, Howard. It was supposed to a happy week for the city, and…you stomped on their parade.

Schultz ended up selling the team to Clay Bennett and his Oklahoma City business group in 2006.


Before we knew it, the Sonics were the Thunder, playing in Chesepeake Arena with a young exciting core of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden.

From 2001-2008, the Sonics had a win-loss record of 260-602. That’s a combined win percentage of .432.

Howard Schultz didn’t exactly do yeoman’s work representing Seattle’s once-beloved basketball team. And now he’s gearing up to possibly represent the entire country.

Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.