Knicks deal Porzingis to the Mavs

A week from the trade deadline, the NBA was hoping for a big move to fulfill their hunger for Anthony Davis to be traded from New Orleans. The NBA continues to surprise us, as it came with Kristaps Porzingis becoming a Maverick.

The trade still needs to be approved by the league, but it is more than likely going through.

Knicks receive:

  • Dennis Smith Jr.
  • Deandre Jordan
  • Wesley Matthews
  • Two future first round picks

Mavs receive:

  • Kristaps Porzingis
  • Tim Hardaway Jr.
  • Courtney Lee


The public most likely views this as a slam dunk for the Mavs, but I disagree.

First, although I believe the Knicks won this trade, the Mavericks are getting an elite player to pair with their young superstar Luka Doncic and should be competing for a playoff spot in the future. 

But the Knicks won this trade for multiple reasons:

  1. Kristaps is supremely talented but injury ridden early in his career.
  2. Dennis Smith Jr. is still very young and a new situation will be good for him, especially with new head coach Dave Fizdale.
  3. Clearing the bad contracts of Tim Hardaway jr. and Wesley Matthews.
  4. Acquire expiring contracts and clearing just over 70 mil. for this summer (two max slots)
  5. Stockpile draft picks as well as tanking this season

This trade feels like the Knicks trying to tear everything down and putting it back up.

They have voiced their interest in Zion Williamson and Kevin Durant, but the inability to succeed of late makes these efforts unlikely.

However, the slim possibility of the Knicks perfectly executing the offseason additions make this trade extremely intriguing.