5 Super Bowl Prop Bets That You Should Wager On

Oh man, I can’t for Sunday. The biggest sports spectacle in North America, and Tom Brady being in it makes it that much better!

You know what else makes the game fun? Prop bets!

Here are five you should bet on..right now!


(All lines via Bodog.com)

Tom Brady – Over 300.5 Passing Yards -140

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 4.41.27 PM

Do you see the trend over the last five SB’s? The passing yards just go up each time.

Hell, Brady even threw for 328 against the ‘Legion of Boom‘.

Aqib Talib is the only player the Pats should fear in that secondary. Plus, Belichick coached Talib in 2012 and 2013. I’d like to think they’ll know how to scheme around him.

If the Pats do their thing in the Super Bowl (start historically slow out of the gate), Brady will be forced to throw, throw, throw in the second half. I wouldn’t put it past New England —  they like to make these things dramatic.

James White – Anytime Touchdown Scorer -EVEN

After Edelman, James White is Tom Brady’s favourite safety blanket.

I like Sony Michel in this category as well, but given White’s better odds, you go where the value is.

White scored three touchdowns in Super Bowl 51, one a reception, and two out of the backfield.

I don’t think we’ll see him running much in the redzone since those are more of Michel’s duties. But a HB wheel out of the back is totally plausible.

L.A. Rams – Team To Score The Longest TD In The Game -115

The Rams simply have more big-play ability than the Pats, who are accustomed to short methodical bullet passes from Brady.

Rams head coach Sean McVay is aggressive, and has weapons like Robert Woods and Brandon Cooks who could take a catch for 60+ easily.

Oh yeah, don’t forget about Todd Gurley busting one either.

Philip Dorsett – Over 29.5 Receiving Yards -115

This one is purely off gut alone. I have a real feeling Dorsett could possibly be the unsung hero of this game, the same way James White was in Super Bowl 51.

The former first round pick has great speed and we just need one big play like this:

Total Donald Trump Tweets on February 3rd – OVER 6 -140

Trump will update the nation a few times in the morning on border security/meetings, insult a Democrat, tweet “BUILD A WALL AND CRIME WILL FALL”, and then tweet twice about the Super Bowl, congratulating and raving about Brady and the Pats.

Easy over! Enjoy the game, folks.