Done deal?

With rumors swirling the past month of a possible Anthony Davis to the Lakers trade, we now have two offers on the table. The first is one that I view as a “feeler”, an offer to get an idea of what your suitor is wanting.

The proposed offer below:

The offer is underwhelming, to say the least. However, with news that Davis would sign long-term with only the Lakers, Knicks, Bucks and Clippers, the market for Davis shrunk, and the Celtics likely won’t try to deal their young assets for a rental.

Then came the second offer:

The deal is rumored to also include Sviatslov Mychailuk

The Pelicans may never see a deal this sweet again, and giving up their All-NBA big man will hurt…but an offer like this would cushion the blow.

Receiving the young talent of the Lakers is a risk you simply have to take, and the Pelicans roster after the trade would be one of, if not the, deepest of any team in the NBA. Contention for a playoff spot would be real for the Pelicans this season and beyond.

The Lakers would reel-in two of the top five players in the NBA, at the cost of a bench. If the deal goes through I fully expect the Lakers to sign Carmelo Anthony and trade for another piece (i.e. Reggie Bullock, or Jabari Parker).

Keeping Ivica Zubac out of the deal is a huge win for the Lakers. The 7’1, 21-year-old center has surprised this year and looks to be a future piece; the Pelicans giving away Solomon Hill’s 4-year 48 mil. contract is just as big of a win.

Another thing to keep in mind — Lakers Owner Jeanie Buss and Pelicans Owner Gayle Benson are known to be good friends. It was reported Pelicans GM Dell Demps has gone to her for approval.

Lakers championship odds have gone from +1800 to +1200 amid these new reports.