Deadline Winners and Losers

The NBA trade deadline is officially over, an action-packed deadline this year is a result of the Warriors dominance; multiple contenders buying for this season and some lottery-bound teams clearing cap space for the summer.

Big Winners:


The 76ers have been extremely active this season after seeing the growth of their young core and hit this one out of the park. After first acquiring Jimmy Butler, the Sixers were clearly not content.

Philly was aggressive at the deadline, acquiring Tobias Harris, a player that is recording career-highs in points, three-point percentage, and rebounds. For not giving up any key pieces with the exception of the Heats’ 2021 first this is an unbelievable haul.

They also got Boban Marjanovic, a 7’3 big man who consistently finishes near the top of the NBA in efficiency rating. This was only one of two moves the Sixers made; the second was shipping off former first overall pick Markelle Fultz to the Magic for a future first and Jonathon Simmons, who was once a great “3 and D” player.

This season Simmons has had a tough run. If he can contribute the Sixers will have a shot at the Eastern Conference.



The Raptors acquired Marc Gasol. This is an upgrade from the injury-prone Jonas Valanciunas and more than anything a plea for Kawhi to stay, showing him they can assemble a championship caliber team.

Not having to give up much is a plus; however, Gasol is 34 and making 25 million dollars the next two years, so the time to win is now.


The Bucks traded away the mystery that is Thon Maker, receiving Stanley Johnson to eventually deal with Jason Smith and 4 second round picks for Nikola Mirotic.

Mirotic will immediately help the Bucks to spread the floor, and will make the East’s most dangerous team even more threatening.


The Bulls have finally addressed their big-man issue by sending two of them away. Jabari Parker and Bobby Portis are guys with decent upside still, but with already having building pieces in Wendell Carter Jr. and Lauri Markennen, it didn’t make much sense to carry the other two.

Instead, they turned the recently signed forward and soon to be free agent into a position of need: Small Forward, and a pretty good one in Otto Porter Jr.


The Lakers were fishing for the big fish in Anthony Davis and came away unsuccessful; they did however set themselves up for the playoffs.

Trading for Reggie Bullock was genius, acquiring a shooter on a team without many instantly helps, given what they had to send away. Trading away Ivica Zubac may hurt the Lakers in the future, but again they acquired a big man that can shoot from distance in Mike Muscala.

The Lakers are also left with one open roster spot, I would assume they go after Carmelo Anthony or Enes Kanter. If this Lakers team can get healthy, they can contend in the West and make the playoffs interesting.

Big Losers:


The Pelicans willingness to sell players like Mirotic and Wesley Johnson while floating Julius Randle and Anthony Davis is absurd. The Pelicans have held Anthony Davis hostage in his time, not making big moves to help him and continue to torture the best big man in the league.

The Pelicans were rumoured to be interested in the Lakers offer; however, it was reported that the Pelicans never intended on trading Davis before the deadline. All the while leaking information and offers.

The Pelicans played themselves without even realizing it, their handling of this situation has been made a mockery around the league and only adding insult to injury. The Pelicans have been a laughing-stock in this league and will continue to be for years to come.



Trading away Marc Gasol was a good move; the team hasn’t truly contended in a while and won’t anytime soon. However, with interest across the league for Mike Conley, the Grizz held onto the 31-year-old point guard currently making 30 million dollars with two years left on his deal. I view this as the second worst contract in the NBA (First being John Wall). With the inability to deal Conley, the Grizzlies are sputtering for an identity.


The Wizards similarly traded away a good player, however, they didn’t get cap relief. Looking like sellers at the deadline, with John Wall out the rest of this season and next, the Wizards only partially sold. They find themselves in a spot where they will be a middle of the pack team in the East with no identity whatsoever.

*Teams not mentioned are to be determined*