NDSU gets invited to the White House

TMZ Sports – NDSU football just won the FCS title for the 7th time in the last 8 years … beating Eastern Washington 38-24 last month — and they wanted a trip to 1600 Penn. Ave. to celebrate.

So, North Dakota state senator John Hoeven just got on the horn with No. 45 … AND BOOM, THE WHITE HOUSE PARTY IS ON!!!

Hoeven says in a statement, a date for the celebration hasn’t officially been set yet … but it sure sounds like the squad is stoked for the invitation.

“With NDSU’s history of excellence, it is only fitting that they be honored at the White House,” Hoeven says … “and we look forward to working with the President to coordinate the visit.” 

Seven times in the last eight years…what a powerhouse. Wish there was more attention on lower-profile teams like North Dakota State University.

Now, if President Trump gave the College Football National Champions fast food, what will he give a team that plays in the Missouri Valley Football Conference?!

I’m only kidding. Who cares what the food is. Outrage culture is the worst y’all.