Most people before the season expected the Lakers to contend in the Western Conference, let alone make the playoffs.

This thought is fading for many, after starting 20-14 and an encapsulating victory over the Golden State Warriors on Christmas Day, an injury to LeBron changed the Lakers’ course.

They are now 28-28 and 10th in the West with the second toughest remaining schedule. Not too mention, the recent drama with rumors of sending off their entire young core, plus players have appeared to feud with coach Luke Walton.

With reports of a locker room yelling match between Michael Beasley, JaVale McGee and Luke Walton building on top of Lavar Ball’s recent outspoken criticism of the Lakers’ coach, it’s becoming more difficult to assume everything is okay.

Vegas still loves the Lakers title chances as they sit at the fourth best chance at claiming the title.

It’s understandable, LeBron took the Cleveland team last year all the way.

But with being in a significantly tougher conference, making the playoffs is no longer a guarantee.