Get ready for “Man Diego”

This is just silly money. Whether you love or hate Machado though, he IS a superstar so I guess we can’t be surprised about this amount coming Manny’s way.

Machado is 26 years old and holds a career OPS+ of 121 through seven seasons in the MLB.

There is a five-year opt out deal for Manny if things go awry in San Diego. I mean, they probably will.

Machado will technically be in his prime at age 31, so he could still attract a solid deal from another team if he does choose to opt out.

The Padres haven’t made the postseason since 2006. The last time they made a big splash in free agency was in 2015. Remember how the James Shields/Matt Kemp/Justin Upton/Craig Kimbrel era worked out? Yikes!

If you’re a Padres fan, hopefully the team doesn’t botch it if they go all in again.