Definitive Week 3 AAF Power Rankings

Week 3 Power rankings as Week 4 commences. Click here to view the previous power rankings.

#8. Atlanta Legends 0-2 -1

After failing to get a win against the winless San Diego Fleet, the Legends became the only team to lose against a winless team in Week 2. The loser of this game was destined to be at the 8 spot, and so we find the Legends are here. This games started out close, but Atlanta has yet to find much success in the second half of football.

#7. Memphis Express 0-2 +1

After a dismal and scoreless opening week, the Express were ranked as the worst. The tough breaks in week one demoralized the team beyond repair against the Iron. The Express got to face off against the top ranked Hotshots. And they made the Hotshots work for their win. After an impressive defensive start, the Express led by QB Christian Hackenberg failed to manage their lead and the high scoring Hotshots came roaring back. Zac Stacy stood out with a whopping 101 yards on 19 carries and one touchdown. Tough loss and it doesn’t get easier now that they play the Apollos.

#6. Salt Lake Stallions 0-2 -1

After a flashy week one that they ended up losing a close, ugly, game. The Stallions completely regressed from week one. Austin Allen had a poor outing throwing the football. The only positive aspect about the offense was the running game. Both running backs were able to have efficient outings given their rainy circumstances. The defense was improved, but partially due to weather.

#5. San Diego Fleet 1-1 +1

The Fleet needed to come alive after losing to the Commanders in week 1, and had the easiest match-up for a winless team. Ja’Quan Gardner rushed 15 times for 104 yards and two touchdowns giving the offense the power it lacked in week one. The Fleet have their season back on track.

#4. San Antonio Commanders 1-1 -2

If the Commanders’ receivers could catch like Jalin Marshall, the Commanders would be undefeated. Instead, Logan Woodside was constantly frustrated by the drops. But the Commanders showed multiple dimensions with Kenneth Farrow II demonstrating breakout potential as a running back. The defense was unable to adjust to the Apollos’ passing game and effectively mitigate big plays.

#3. Birmingham Iron 2-0 +1

The Iron have won both games without any glamor. Their defense is strong and their offense isn’t making mistakes. Luis Perez was an efficient game manager with a 60% completion percentage on 38 attempts. His stats could be prettier but his gameplay was enjoyable to watch. Expect a breakout in week 3.

#2. Arizona Hotshots 2-0 -1

By virtue of strength of schedule, the Hotshots fell down a place. QB John Wolford started out bad but recovered. The Hotshots were believed, prior to the season start, to have the best running core in the league. Both Tim Cook and Justin Stockton proved critical in the comeback.

#1. Orlando Apollos 2-0 +2

If you want to be the best, you have to take on the best. The Apollos took down San Antonio in a thriller. For this, they earned the 1 spot on this week’s power rankings. The Apollos demonstrated the best offense in the league with deep threat receivers that are the envy of every other QB in this league where drops are so prevalent. Garrett Gilbert had 393 yards passing and a pair of touchdown passes, one to Jalin Marshall and one to Charles Johnson. This was the best QB performance thus far and came at the expense of one of the league’s staunchest defenses. Charles Johnson had POTG performance reeling in over 100 yards receiving. But the defense showed up too with a clutch pick-6 which really sealed the momentum in their favor.