What should Zion do?

After Zion Williamson literally broke his shoe and hurt his knee on the first play last night, he was taken to the Duke locker room and wasn’t seen on the court again. Duke got blown out.

Now the question is, should he sit out the rest of the year or play?

I know everyone has given their “hot take” and mine would be at the bottom of the totem-poll in terms of importance, but why not, right?

A lot of NBA players have given their opinion and most have been pretty much the same. Don’t play. The NCAA is crooked, they get a ton of stuff from these players, and the players get nothing.

Well, this is the type of situation that the NCAA didn’t want. A star player getting injured, who will be either the #1 or #2 pick in the upcoming draft, and now people are starting to debate whether he should play.

This situation also highlights all of the bad stuff involved with college athletics. The cheapest ticket for the UNC vs. Duke game last night was $2,500 and everyone was there to see Zion. He gets hurt, but gets nothing. The NCAA makes a ton off of him, but he gets $20 and there’s a big scandal.

Now don’t get me wrong, players get a lot with scholarships and a bunch of other free stuff that normal students would have to inherit 20 years of debt to get. But that’s not the argument. It is simply should Zion play or not?

My opinion? He shouldn’t. You might think I’m saying that because I dislike Duke, but I’m not. I really don’t think he should play. Why risk injuring yourself further?

If Zion is okay and wants to play, then he should play. If he’s not healthy or doesn’t want to play, then he shouldn’t play. That simple.