Colin Kaepernick reportedly asked for at least $20 million to play in the XFL

Sporting News – Could Colin Kaepernick become the XFL’s first major star?

An XFL spokesman confirmed to Sporting News on Monday that Kaepernick talked with executives about joining the league this past fall.  

The XFL declined to divulge details of the Kaepernick contract talks. But sources said the former 49ers quarterback wanted at least $20 million to suit up for new spring football league. Mark Geragos, Kaepernick’s attorney, did not return an email from SN seeking comment. 

Mannnn….does this guy think he’s Russell Wilson or something?

Again, this dude lost his starting job in San Francisco to Blaine freaking Gabbert.

I bet this was Vince McMahon’s reaction when he heard Kaep’s demands…

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