Definitive AAF Week 3 Power Rankings

#8. Atlanta Legends 0-3

This team is seriously looking like the Cleveland Browns of the AAF.

#7. Memphis Express 0-2 +1

The quarterback drama of the Express will get more attention than this teams apparent lack of endurance. In each of there losses, the game started out competitive and then the team fell apart collectively. Football is FOUR QUARTERS. Play to the whistle. This team is too good to have zero wins.

#6. San Antonio Commanders 1-2 -2

Stop taking Logan Woodside out of the game. And this isn’t about how backup Marquis Williams came in during garbage time. When Williams is in the game, the defense knows that the Commanders cannot effectively pass the ball. Stick with Woodside. The defense, after getting torched by the Apollos in week 2, similarly got torched giving up several big plays which kept the Fleet alive in the beginning and eventually gave them the game.

#5. Salt Lake Stallions 1-2 -1

This team is inconsistent, but that isn’t as bad as it sounds. While teams like the Commanders have demonstrated clear weakness in the secondary, the weakness of the Stallions appeared to be their quarterback depth. Meaning, they are a different team than they were in their abysmal week 2 loss. Quarterback depth is not a bad weakness to have, so protect Josh Woodrum.

#4. Arizona Hotshots 2-1 -1

Arizona remains a good team with a capable run game. They also perform really well in the second half as proven against the Stallions in week one and the Express in week 3, who simply ran out of gas.

#3. Birmingham Iron 3-0 +1

I want to rank the Iron higher on the list but the three opponents they beat have a collective 1 win combined. The Salt Lake City Stallions are a different team then they were when these two teams played.

#2. San Diego Fleet 2-1 +1

The Fleet have recovered from Week 1 by winning the rematch against the Commanders. There run game boasted the longest score in the league. Despite a very bad start, they dominated the remaining three quarters of football.

#1. Orlando Apollos 3-0 +2

On top and unbeaten. Every time the Apollos hint at weakness, they prove otherwise with a quality win. Even with their receiving core kept in check, they still found a way to win proving that the Apollos are a well rounded team with Steve Spurrier at the helm.