The Lakers aren’t going to make the playoffs, and my feelings are mixed

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 1.15.59 PM.png

Sorry Laker fans, the playoffs ain’t happening. You can’t make up six games at this point in the season, plus Denver will probably blow L.A. out tonight.

It’s almost as if LeBron secretly wanting more than half his teammates gone for Anthony Davis comes back to kill team morale!

It’s almost as if your best player coasting this entire season and not playing defense hurts your team’s chances at winning!

It’s almost as if Luke Walton is NOT a good head coach!

It’s almost as if having a point guard who can’t hit the back side of the rim isn’t a good idea in 2019!

It’s almost as if trading away Julius Randle before the season even began was a bad move!

It’s almost as if the Reggie Bullock trade wasn’t going to put the Lakers over the top!

It’s almost as if Kyle Kuzma is the only one giving a shit each game!

NOW, that being said….man it’s going to be tough not having the Lakers in the playoffs this year. For a glorious mess of a roster, you still want to see LeBron in the playoffs. It’ll be weird without him. LeBron is damn fun to watch and even the haters can’t deny that.

Imagine a Warriors-Lakers first round. Sure, the Warriors might sweep them, but we’d tune in to every game and be excited about it like it’s the NBA Finals.

The same can’t be said for a Warriors-Clippers, or Warriors-Kings first round matchup. Patrick Beverley and Buddy Hield aren’t box office. Sorry.

At this point, it’s not if the Lakers will make the playoffs. It’s if they’ll even finish the season over .500.

I wouldn’t bet on it.