Johnny Manziel signed in the AAF and I’m looking forward to watching the league for once

Zac Stacy, Zach Mettenberger, Trent Richardson. Meh.

Not box office. Not guys worth turning the TV on for.

Enter Johnny football.

I watched nearly every snap of him during his short tenure in the CFL, playing for the Montreal Alouettes. It was uh, messy to say the least. A beautiful mess that is.

He threw seven picks to just five touchdowns in eight games with the Alouettes. He finished with a quarterback rating of 80.6.

One year north of the border and Manziel breached his contract (I’m guessing on purpose), to get out of the Montreal mess and head to a league that more NFL scouts are definitely keeping tabs on.

The AAF.

On Saturday, Manziel signed an agreement with the AAF, and was assigned through the waiver system to the Memphis Express. 

Bottomline: this could be just another CFL type-deal where Johnny doesn’t show much and is out of the league in a year.

Or he could play a couple seasons in the AAF, build his resume and repertoire back up, and the NFL jobs will flood back.

Probably backup positions, but hey, you never know – Ryan Fitzpatrick won’t be around forever.

But do yourself a favour. Sit down and go on YouTube. Look at Texas A&M Johnny Manziel.

That’s god gifted talent. Talent that never left Johnny, no matter the choices he’s made in the past.