Women’s main event to headline WrestleMania 35

This is awesome to see, and not in a virtue-signalling kind of way. I think the WWE is coming across with the same motives, and all three of these girls really do deserve it.

Becky Lynch has been the hottest thing going in the WWE for the last year, and there’s really no close second.

Ronda is a household name from the UFC obviously, and was main-event worthy the day she arrived in the WWE. The name alone draws attention.

Charlotte Flair has impressed many in the WWE Universe, and has worked her butt off over the stretch to make this thing worthy of being a triple-threat match.

It’s awesome to see the Women’s Division finally being taken seriously by the company, after being a joke for the majority of the PG era.

Then again, the WWE is struggling roster wise and the women are carrying the roster right now.

It turns out John Cena being a part-timer has caused massive problems for Vince and the company, despite how the WWE Universe “feels” about him.

Rousey vs Lynch vs Flair is one of the few matches I’m looking forward to at Mania.