Kyle Korver discusses his “white privilege” in new Players Tribune article

This country has a major problem in the white community. It’s not hate or racism or white privilege. No it’s something even more serious than that…it’s white guilt.

Just recently NBA veteran Kyle Korver of the Utah Jazz (a white player), recently put out a hit piece on white America in the Players Tribune. Inciting that he has white privilege, because he’s viewed differently than his black teammates.

He began the piece by telling the story of his former teammate Thabo Sefolosha being involved in an incident with NYPD.

After a game against the Brooklyn Nets, Sefolosha went out to a night club with his white teammate Pero Antic. Later in that night the two were involved in an altercation with police, where Sefolosha resisted arrest and got his leg broken by an officer. He missed the remainder of the season and had to rehab his leg.

Korver writes in his piece that his first thought after hearing the news was “What was Thabo doing at a club on a back-to-back?” Then goes on to say he feels bad for this being his first thought.

If you had a game the next day, and heard that your teammate went to a night club and was arrested by the police. What would be your first thought?

He continues the article by preaching to all white people (and hoping black people are watching) on how we are “not guilty of the sins of our forefathers, but we are responsible for them…”

Uhhh what?

Other cringeworthy points were:

“as a white man, I have to hold my fellow white men accountable”

“I have to continue to educate myself on the history of racism in America”

“I believe that what’s happening to people of color in this country, right now, in 2019…is wrong.”

If Kyle Korver feels so bad for being white in a country that has more black millionaires than anywhere else in the world, he should retire from the NBA so that his roster spot can be given to a “less privileged” black athlete.

This is becoming an epidemic in this country. The fact the media will push their political narrative through athletes, coaches, and others is becoming quite old, and frankly played out.

The white privilege narrative is nothing more than a way for them to try and convince us that this country is not fair for anybody who isn’t white. Which in turn attempts to indoctrinate us in to feeling like victims of the very skin we were born in. No one of any race should be either proud nor ashamed of their skin color.

The real enemy is victimhood. These people want us to feel like victims, that seek affirmation for the occurrence of things we couldn’t control.

So no thanks Kyle Korver. I will not feel sorry for you because you are white. Nor do I feel it for myself. You are a millionaire preaching to the masses of non-wealthy people who allow you to have a job. White people buying tickets to the games, or watching them on TV are the reason you have a platform in the first place.

How do you repay them? By telling them they should feel bad for being white.