Super Early Wrestlemania 36 Predictions

Wrestlemania 35 just ended this past Sunday and overall it was a very good show. We had all the baby faces win the major titles.

Seth Rollins slayed the beast Brock Lesnar, and Kofi Kingston finally won his first WWE championship in his 11 years with the company by beating Daniel Bryan.

Then we had our first ever woman’s Main Event where Becky Lynch pinned Ronda Rousey in a controversial ending.

Now that Wrestlemania 35 is over, we might as well start thinking about Wrestlemania 36. It’ll be held in Tampa, Florida at Raymond James Stadium next year. Here are some predictions for the spectacle that is Mania!

Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey


The Main Event at Wrestlemania 35 ended in controversial fashion where Becky Lynch had Ronda Rousey rolled up and it seemed as if Rousey had her shoulder up but the ref ended up counting 1,2,3.

Rousey looked very pissed off and it seemed a bit awkward. This feud is not over and come next Wrestlemania they will be going 1 on 1 for the Undisputed Woman’s Championship.

The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels


The Undertaker needs a retirement match. Shawn Michaels made his return in Saudi Arabia where he and Triple H took on The Brothers of Destruction Kane and The Undertaker.

This had great promos and the match was decent. I believe we get one more Wrestlemania classic from these two.

Michaels is the only man who should retire the Undertaker for good.

The Rock vs Roman Reigns


This is a match that needs to happen. Roman Reigns vs his cousin The Rock. They could have this story-line go either 2 ways.

First they set it up as a dream match and fight just to prove who’s the best Samoan.

Or the second and best option is to have Roman turn heel, win the WWE championship and have him go one on one with the people’s champ.

Triple H vs Finn Balor


Triple H beat one of his best friends Batista at Wrestlemania 35 in a retirement match.

Hunter is on his way out as a WWE wrestler and will start taking more control of the company because Vince McMahon will be trying to get the XFL ready to go once again.

If Triple H wants to have one of his last matches, I believe it will be somebody who he admires and who he taught down in NXT.

Finn Balor would be perfect for this storyline. Teacher vs Student match.

Seth Rollins vs A.J Styles


The match everyone has been waiting to see ever since they both joined WWE.

This one doesn’t even need to be a title match because what these guys would do in the ring would be enough.

Give me a 20-25 min classic with these two guys fighting it out. Best match of the show hands down.