Is Andy Reid Appropriating Hawaiian Culture by Always Wearing Hawaiian Shirts?

When it comes to dismantling the patriarchy, the easiest place to start would be by eliminating the NFL, as it’s filled with toxic masculinity that is harmful to an inclusive society.

Folks, I’m here to ask the tough questions that are on everybody’s mind that everyone is too afraid to ask.

What if the NFL’s most toxic and masculine man, Andy Reid, has been constantly appropriating Hawaiian culture by always wearing Hawaiian shirts?

See for yourself.

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Now I know that many of you will say that he’s just going for a casual but semi professional look, but I’m here to tell you that he’s a racist who is appropriating Hawaiian culture.

Since the USA made Hawaii become a state in 1959, the NFL has been horrible to them.

The NFL, in collusion with George Bush and the US government, made the state host the Pro Bowl over 30 times between 1980 and 2016.

As if that wasn’t enough pain, native Hawaiians had to witness Andy Reid’s Whiteness trotting up and down the sidelines wearing a shirt that basically says “your culture is my joke.”

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It’s truly disgusting that a league employs this clear racist and noted MAGA supporter Tom Brady while still blackballing courageous hero Colin Kaepernick.

You should feel sick after reading this and if you don’t, then you need to check your privilege.

If this doesn’t prove that we have light years to go when it comes to social justice issues then I don’t know what does.