2019 WWE Superstar Shakeup Review

The Superstar Shakeup happened this past weekend and The WWE made many notable changes to both the Raw and Smackdown Rosters. With that being said here is your shakeup review.

Smackdown Live Shakeup Review

With Smackdown moving to Fox this October, the WWE is trying to stack the Smackdown roster to try and get ready for this big change in the company.

“The biggest acquisition in Smackdown history”, the words from the man himself Vince McMahon, was none other than the “Big Dog” Roman Reigns.

Although it was cool to see Vince McMahon get punched in the face, a majority of the WWE Universe was displeased with this announcement because there have been plenty of Hall Of Fame superstars who have joined the Smackdown Roster in the past. This includes The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle and the Undertaker just to name a few.

Although Roman Reigns desperately needed a change of scenery, this announcement was over hyped and proves that Vince McMahon is once again out of touch with his audience.

Other notable Superstars moving from Raw to Smackdown are the Intercontinental champion Finn Balor, Bayley, Ember Moon, and NXT call ups Lars Sullivan and Kairi Sane.

For Finn Balor, what makes this interesting is now that he is the Intercontinental champion, they have 2 mid card titles on Smackdown, the other being United States champ Samoa Joe. They need to either combine these titles or one of these champions is going to lose and the whoever beats them will be a Raw Superstar.

Sasha Banks has asked for her release so no more boss and hug connection. This shocking news has her former partner Bayley leaving Raw and joining Smackdown. Hopefully they will let Bayley be the Superstar everyone thought she would be on the blue brand.

Ember Moon and Kairi Sane are two of the best women WWE has to offer. The Smackdown women’s roster definitely added some talent in the women’s division and I’m excited to see what these ladies can bring on Tuesday nights.

Lars Sullivan will make a huge impact, He is the Braun Strowman of Smackdown Live. Won’t be long before he is competing for the WWE Championship.

RAW Superstar Shakeup Review

A.J Styles – Finally the face that runs the place is heading to Monday Night RAW. Styles has done everything and then some on Smackdown. One thing he has not done since being in the WWE is be the Universal Champion. Look for A.J. Styles to accomplish this goal in 2019.

The Miz – I feel like every time there is a shakeup, The Miz is always switching brands. That’s because it doesn’t matter what brand he is on. The Miz will always deliver. The Miz will continue to have Miz TV on Raw, giving great promos which will be some of the best segments each night.

Other notable superstars switching to the Raw Brand are Rey Mysterio, Andrade, and tag teams Aleister Black and Ricochet, The Usos and War Raiders.

Rey Mysterio and Andrade – these two men have had some of the greatest matches against each other on Smackdown. Monday Night Raw needs to show the fans what these men can do in the ring. Rey Mysterio will end his career with the Raw brand and Andrade will finally get noticed and receive a big push after being so successful down in NXT.

Tag Teams – Monday Night Raw’s tag team division was absolutely horrible In 2018. Now that Aleister Black and Ricochet are exclusive to Monday nights they will bring excitement to the division. The Usos were the best tag team of 2018 by far and they will hope to keep they’re momentum on the Raw brand. And then the NXT tag team champions the War Raiders, yes the War Raiders (I will not be calling them by they’re new name The Viking Experience). These are two massive men who can wrestle with the best of them. Monday’s tag team division looks to be much improved with these three teams joining Raw.

Who won the shakeup?

For the first time in a long time I would have to give Monday Night Raw the overall better superstar shakeup. Not only did they get Roman Reigns off Monday nights but added A.J Styles, The Miz, Andrade and Rey Mysterio. They also greatly improved the tag team division and also added some good young talent. Smackdown added the big dog Roman Reigns, Finn Balor, Elias, improved the woman’s division, and also brought in very good young talent.

This was one of the better shakeups WWE has had in sometime, and I believe WWE actually did a great job in shaking things up.