Looking back at the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft

Folks, if you’re like me and your favorite thing to do in life is watch NFL Football for 10 hours every Sunday during the fall, then you know that there’s never really an offseason.

For true NFL fans, there’s a time of year when you’re happy and a time of year where life is meaningless and nothing matters.

Sometimes during the meaningless months, especially during this time of year, my friends and I talk about the NFL Draft. One of our favorite things to do is go through some of the old drafts and talk about how good and/or bad the draft class was. And as the old saying goes, “hindsight is fucking hilarious.”

This is especially true of the 2011 draft class because it’s bad. It’s totally bad. Check out the first round:



There’s a lot of hilarity to unpack here. What first comes to mind is that the Dolphins took Dion Jordan. What’s worse for them is that they traded up from the 12th pick to take Dion Jordan. In his two years with the Dolphins, Dion Jordan had 3 sacks.

Further down the list we have the Rams taking Tavon Austin at 8. It seems like every couple of years we have teams completely over-drafting these small wide receivers who are really fast in hopes that they become the next DeSean Jackson.

Clearly this strategy doesn’t work. Tavon Austin was the John Ross of the 2013 draft and obviously neither of those guys have worked out.

Imagine being the GM of the Buffalo Bills (I’m not going to even google who it was because he was probably fired a few years after making this pick) and feeling excited that EJ Manuel fell to you at 16.

I couldn’t even fathom writing EJ Manuel’s name on the draft card and handing it in with total confidence that he’s gonna be the one to lead your organization. He’s the prime example of why teams can’t overdraft a position.

Some other really funny names on this list are Dee Milliner, who played just 21 career games for the Jets. It’s pretty fitting that Luke Joeckel was taken at number 2 because his entire career was shit. And who could forget Bjoern Werner who played just three seasons for the Colts as a complete failure from Florida State?

The last thing I want to highlight is that sometimes the best talent are those who are overlooked. I guarantee if there was a redraft guys like DeAndre Hopkins and Xavier Rhodes are top ten picks. Le’veon Bell wasn’t taken until the second round and I’ve got a hunch that the Jaguars would take him over Luke Joeckel.

If your team has a good general manager and scouting staff then they can do a really good amount of work in the draft. That’s what sets the good teams apart from the rest.

The bottom line is that this draft was horrible and we can only hope that this week’s draft produces better long term talent.