NBA playoff TV ratings are way down

Another year and and another drop in TV ratings for NBA playoff basketball. However no one foresaw the decline in which they’ve seen this year. A whopping 26% drop from the 2018 season!

This should come as no surprise to some who have criticized the NBA’s worsening product. A softer game with more whistles, higher scoring, and more off court drama than on. Who would’ve thought that more 3 point shooting and free throws would lead to less entertaining basketball?

What NBA execs fail to realize is that fans want to see a more physical game like we saw not so long ago. We want gladiators, not finesse ballerinas.

Clay Travis took to twitter to call out the NBA on their viewership problems. Claiming the problem is no Lebron James in the playoffs this year.

What many find interesting is that College basketball was not down in viewership this year. It instead saw a 9% increase in the NCAA tournament, and a 5% increase for the regular season.

Clay Travis later posted a poll in which nearly 40k people voted. Asking what people would be watching the most over the weekend, whether it be Hockey, Basketball, or HBO’s Game of Thrones. 52% of people voted for Game of Thrones! The NBA received only 19% of the vote, while Hockey was at 23%.

Interesting that the NHL beat out the NBA in his poll. Considering the amount of coverage that ESPN gives the NBA, and how little it covers Hockey. You would think that ratings were higher than ever.

The biggest demographic of fans that are no longer watching the NBA, has to be people over the age of 40. Simply because it is no longer the same game they grew up with. Add that to a group of young stars that no one can relate to. Leaves the NBA with a major problem going foward. Especially if they continue down the “woke” path.