People are body shaming Ezekiel Elliott and I won’t stand for it

Folks, you’d think in the year 2019 that people wouldn’t be body shaming anybody anymore but low and behold the internet has found it’s latest target by fat shaming Ezekiel Elliott after he posted the below picture.

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Has Ezekiel Elliott put on a few pounds? Maybe but I wouldn’t know for sure because it’s not my business to tell someone what to do with their body. That being said, the internet is roasting him.

People are also saying that he looks bigger than Von Miller, a defensive end, does in this picture. They’re also saying that he’s on the “Dwayne Haskins diet.” Even more people are probably saying that he took his “feed me” slogan way too literally and he looks like he hasn’t touched a dumbbell since the last time Jason Garrett gave him a high five.

Again, I would never say any of those things but other people are.

It’s sickening that in 2019 people can’t post a picture on their Instagram and not get dragged through the mud. These trolls better wake up and let the 21st century catch up with them.