The people of Iowa are getting screwed over hard by MLB TV

The Hardball Times – Take, for instance, anyone living in Iowa, where the entire state is considered the home broadcast territory of six teams: the Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Kansas City Royals, Milwaukee Brewers, Minnesota Twins and St. Louis Cardinals. This means Iowa fans may be unable to watch 40 percent of the 15 games played most days.

WTF. The Iowa screwjob, right to America’s heartland.

MLB TV should be ashamed of themselves. You factor in Iowa’s rich history of baseball, and this what you do to the hard working people of that beautiful state? An absolute shame.

Plus, the Cubs, Cardinals, and Brewers are literally some of the funnest teams to watch on a daily basis. No Christian Yelich smacking bombs for the great people of Iowa. SAD!

Build it, and they WON’T come, apparently.