Odell Beckham Jr going scorched earth on the Giants is a bad look

Folks, it’s no secret that there’s been no bigger critic of the Odell Beckham Jr. trade than me. When it’s all said and done there’s a chance that it goes down it’ll go down as one of the worst trades in NFL history simply because of how talented he is. I stand by that.

That being said, Odell Beckham Jr. is acting like a child (normal behavior for him) on twitter today.

It started out timid as Odell Beckham was clearly hurt and felt disrespected that the Giants traded him.

He then started taking shots at Eli Manning. Regardless of how you felt Eli Manning played last year, he’s one of the most respected quarterbacks in the league and it’s pretty messed up to take unnecessary shots at him.

He called out Pat Shurmur for allegedly not letting him be on the sidelines when he was injured last season.

He then went after Dave Gettleman for saying his “we didn’t sign him to trade him” comments.

He then chirped a fan for not playing in any playoff games which is ridiculous since we don’t make millions of dollars to catch footballs.

Lastly, he went after the New York media for basically being fake news, which is actually fair.

When it’s all said and done both things can be true: The Giants can be stupid for trading Odell Beckham Jr. for what could end up being Daniel Jones and Jabrill Peppers and Odell Beckham can also be a petulant child who will never grow up.

If he kept his mouth shut then there’d be a lot of fans (myself included) who would have continued to go to bat for him with his antics but not anymore. He’s Cleveland’s problem now.