2019 NFL Draft Quarterback Prop Bet

New Jersey-based sportsbook PointsBet.com still has the over-under on Quarterbacks in Round One at 3.5, Over -250 / Under +175.

Personally, I feel this is a mortal lock to go over (which means of course, nothing – so please take my hyperbole with a grain of salt.)

I think it’s nearly a foregone conclusion that Daniel Jones is going in the First Round. Just listen to the exchange between Todd McShay and Mel Kiper on “First Draft” from 22 April. Combine that with Mike Lombardi stating on “The GM Shuffle” that “many teams in the league have Daniel Jones as the second QB on their board.” This is in the same vein as the ‘old guard’ GMs feeling better about Lock than Haskins.

What’s another thing that makes the ‘old guard’ feel really comfortable in the tight-knit, insular community of high-level football? Who a guy was coached by. If Daniel Jones’ HC/OC QB Coach was named Jared Still and not David Cutcliffe, I think he’s a Third or Fourth Round pick. Seriously. Who tutored the Mannings? Cutcliffe. Where did Peyton go throw for his first top-secret throwing sessions after surgery? Duke. Under the tutelage of David Cutcliffe. The ‘old guard’ feels a ton of comfort in the endorsement of a David Cutcliffe prospect.

Haskins and Lock are going in Round One, and Kyler Murray is going in the Top-10. The player in question to make this bet go over is Daniel Jones. Four QBs in Round One. Book it.