Add Eli Apple to the list of New York Giants draft busts

Folks, in case you missed the news, the New Orleans Saints decided not to exercise the 5th year option of former New York Giants first round pick Eli Apple and I for one am not surprised.

When I covered the draft for New York Giants 366 with my brother in 2016 he had made graphics for about fifteen guys that the Giants could have possibly taken with the 10th overall pick and Eli Apple wasn’t one of them.

We knew then that the pick was absolutely atrocious and turns out we were right. Just like we were right about Ereck Flowers and just like we will probably (but hopefully not for the sake of the Giants) be right about Daniel Jones.

Regardless, Eli Apple’s career has been a total joke. Not only is he absolutely miserable at football but he’s also been taking L’s online from me for years.

The thread got so real that his insufferable mother actually ended up blocking me on twitter.

This is what happens when you live your life like a total beta like Eli Apple has. You end up getting in twitter fights with people who are better than you and you end up virtually guaranteeing that you’ll be out of the league after just four seasons.