Thank you Yadier Molina

Where on earth would the city of St. Louis be without Yadier Molina? Better off perhaps? A city with a staggering crime rate and growing homeless population, that idolizes a douchebag catcher with a neck tatoo.

The same guy who gets so easily offended by opposing benches chirping at him makes me wonder…what is Yadi so insecure about? Is it because he’s slow, old, out of shape?

Interesting that a fan base who thinks Dexter Fowler is a saboteur sent by Theo Epstein, will get behind Yadi “wheels” Molina. Any baseball fan who has eyes, knows that Manny Machado hustles harder than this guy.

The best part about Yadi is that in a way he embodies his own fan base. Old, insecure, angry, and living in the past. You see the problem with St. Louis is that like their baseball team, they think they’re better than what they actually are. Which is really just a heaping pile of trash on the west side of the Mississippi. Can’t keep an NFL team, can’t make good pizza, and lately can’t get their baseball team in the playoffs.

Before I break your hearts Cardinal fans. Ask yourself, is Yadier Molina a hall of fame catcher? Or do we love him so much because he defended our crumbling city against Kris “didn’t deserve the MVP” Bryant? Or is it because he didn’t leave us like Albert did?

I know that WAR rating is a hard stat for St. Louis fans to understand since they aren’t intelligent baseball fans. The JAWS rating system is even harder for Cardinal mouth-breathers to comprehend. So this is for all other baseball fans. In career WAR and JAWS rating, you will find that Yadier Molina is not a Hall of fame catcher. As a matter of fact, he isn’t even a top 25 catcher of all time.

Catcher WAR rating list

1. Johnny Bench 75.2

2. Gary Carter 70.1

3. Ivan Rodriguez 68.7


9. Joe Mauer 55.0


19. Jorge Posada 42.8


22. Buster Posey 41.4


26. Yadier Molina 39.1

Average WAR and JAWS for HOF

WAR: 54.3

JAWS: 44.7

Nipping at Yadi’s heels are other “all time greats” Russell Martin (37.5) and Brian McCann (31.8). In JAWS rating Yadi is further down the list at number 28 with a rating of (33.8).

Now I know this may be hard to take in. Knowing that the guy some STL fans wouldn’t trade straight up for Mike Trout, isn’t a hall of famer. But it’s true.

There is no scary masked hall of fame catcher framing pitches for “Waino”. Much like there hasn’t been playoff baseball in St. Louis in 3 years.

P.S. Harrison Bader is not good