Is Daniel Jones the illegitimate son of Eli Manning?

Folks, Giants rookie mini camp been taking place this weekend and there’s a new quarterback in town. That’s right, Duke University (not a typo) quarterback Daniel Jones took the field for the first time wearing a Giants (practice) uniform this weekend.

Many people are curious to see if he’ll be the heir to Eli Manning’s throne in New York city. Others are wondering if he was worth the sixth overall pick considering the Giants were potentially the only team with a first round grade on him.

Not me, though. I’m sitting here wondering if Daniel Jones is Eli Manning’s illegitimate son. Between his facial expressions, his demeanor, and the tone of his voice I’m absolutely convinced that Eli Manning knocked up a girl in high school when he was 17 and she gave birth to Daniel Jones.

Now you may be saying that there’s no evidence proving this but at the same time there’s also no evidence disproving it. There’s actually a lot of circumstantial evidence that can prove what I’m saying.

For starters, Daniel Jones had zero offers coming out of high school to play quarterback. According to Rivals the only school that was even remotely interested in him was North Carolina State. 

Daniel Jones ended up walking on at Duke. You know who the coach is at Duke? David Cutcliffe.

Do you know who was Eli Manning’s coach in college? That’s right, David Cutcliffe.

Is it possible that Eli Manning called in a favor for the son that he didn’t directly raise because he felt bad for not being there for him when he was growing up? I’d say there’s pretty significant evidence that occurred considering Duke is such a football powerhouse.

The other aspect of this theory is the fact that NFL Shadow Commissioner Archie Manning hasn’t killed Daniel Jones yet.

Archie Manning has proven that he will do anything to protect Eli Manning from things that harm him. He got him out of playing for the Chargers. He got Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese fired. He convinced the Giants to pass on Sam Darnold last year for Saquon Barkley.

Then the Giants go and select Daniel Jones and what does Archie do? He does nothing. The only explanation for that is that Daniel Jones is technically Archie’s grandson and he doesn’t want to harm him.

Here’s to hoping that Eli Manning and Daniel Jones become the best father/son duo since Ken Griffey Sr./Ken Griffey Jr.