It’s officially the worst time of year to be a football fan

Folks, for some people this is the best time of year. The weather is getting warmer. The trees are green and getting full of leaves. Summer is on its way.

Now there are some wonderful things about summer. The Fourth of July, the sun stays out later, there’s baseball, the NBA Finals, the Stanley Cup Final, and everything seems to move just a little bit slower which is nice for a change.

As a sports fan once the middle of June is over it’s tough sledding until September begins. You have your occasional soccer tournament here and there but other than that it’s pretty dry.

But in terms of just football, this is the absolute worst time of year. The NFL Draft has come and gone like all of the women I’ve ever loved. The college spring games are over.

We’re just wandering around in the wilderness until training camp opens in late July but we damn well know that our lives won’t fully be complete until labor day weekend when college football returns in all of its glory.

Until then, we all have to figure out ways to pass the time. We shouldn’t take for granted the next month or so of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the NBA Playoffs.

Once they’re over we will all officially have that dark night of the soul where we actually watch a CFL game because we’re so desperate for football. We will then say, “if this league had four downs instead of three then I’d actually watch it more than once per year” and then we won’t watch again until next year.

So as I sit here and write this article on a beautiful Sunday that’s 70 degrees and sunny, I’m actually longing for the time of year where it’s freezing and I’m holed up in my house watching NFL Redzone for eight hours every Sunday.

I can’t wait until the green leaves on these trees turn to red and gold and I get to watch Aaron Rodgers throw darts, Tom Brady throw two yard checkdowns to his running backs to pad his stats, and Saquon Barkley run for 2,000 yards.

Football season truly is the best time of year. Here’s to hoping we all find stuff to do until it’s back!

P.S. Game of Thrones is back tonight and I will be doing a live reaction show on @GrandOldSports on Twitter! #GrandOldThrones