Charlie McAvoy tried to decapitate Josh Anderson and he only got a two minute penalty

Folks, I got CTE just from watching that hit live. That hit is the easiest way to go from functional human being who plays hockey to AOC in the span of a second. At least the NHL referees tossed Charlie McAvoy from the game and gave a five minute major penalty, right?


The referees gave McAvoy just a two minute minor and he will be allowed back into the game today proving that Boston is the luckiest sports city of all time. In just this year they’ve had Dee Ford bail out the Patriots by lining up offsides on a would-be game winning interception.

The Bruins watched the Tampa Bay Lightning get swept which meant that they didn’t have to play a clearly superior team in the playoffs. Instead they got a cakewalk path to the Cup Final through Columbus and Carolina.

They’re so lucky and it makes me sick. The worst part of the country with the worst people in it have the best luck in sports. Karma doesn’t exist.

Phil Hughes sums it up with one tweet.