The greatest quarterback of all time for each team: NFC East

Folks, we’re getting into the part of the year where sports slow down. Football is especially dead. So in order to cope with that we make these random lists and we have debates on who is the greatest.

In this series we will look at each NFL team and rank their greatest quarterback in franchise history. Up first is the NFC East…

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New York Giants- Eli Manning

This picture says it all. When teams take a franchise quarterback in the first round they expect to have at least one of these pictures hanging up at the team facility by the time their career is over.

Well Eli Manning one-upped that and gave the team two. He won the MVP in both of those Super Bowl titles after leading his team on clutch game winning drives.

While some people think that those rings are his only accomplishments, he’s actually top 10 in passing yards and passing touchdowns. He’s a future Hall of Famer and he is the greatest quarterback in New York Giants history.

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Dallas Cowboys- Roger Staubach

You could argue that Tony Romo was more talented than Staubach but Tony Romo’s 2-4 playoff record speaks for itself. You could also say that Troy Aikman could be on top of this list but his team was absolutely loaded and all he had to do was not mess up.

Roger Staubach had just 12 less passing touchdowns than Troy Aikman in 34 less games in an era where passing the ball wasn’t as prominent. While they both have one Super Bowl MVP to their resume, I can’t elevate a glorified game manager in Troy Aikman to the greatest of all time status for his team. It wouldn’t be right.

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Philadelphia Eagles- Donovan McNabb

This one is a total no-brainer. Donovan McNabb was a very good player for the Philadelphia Eagles. He leads the team in all time passing yards and passing touchdowns.

It was surprising that during his tenure with the team that the fans of Philadelphia never truly appreciated Donovan McNabb. As a Giants fan growing up I used to hate playing the Eagles because he would shred us.

Carson Wentz has the potential to dethrone Donovan McNabb from this list but he hasn’t shown enough to displace McNabb yet. He needs to show that he can stay healthy for a full season and get some more time playing at a high level under his belt.

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Washington Redskins- Joe Theismann

This one was between Joe Theismann and Sonny Jurgensen for the Redskins. It was a tight race between the two of them but ultimately a tie in this instance goes to the player who got his team a Super Bowl ring. Joe Theismann did that in 1982.

One thing I never realized about Joe Theismann until I was doing some research for this article is that he was actually a pretty good player. His career has been defined by his gruesome leg injury that he suffered against the Giants but he was much more than that.

He had over 25,000 passing yards and 160 touchdowns for his career. Not bad. Good enough to be the greatest quarterback in the history of the Washington Redskins.