It appears as if nobody wants to coach Lebron James anymore

Folks, the Lakers are having a tougher time finding a head coach than they thought they would. A once prestigious franchise has been dragged through the mud this entire offseason after self proclaimed GOAT Lebron James failed to lead them to the playoffs and VP of Basketball Operations Magic Johnson stepped down.

Now nobody wants to coach the team and I’d argue that it’s probably because coaches around the league are tired of dealing with Lebron James. Any human being who knows anything about sports knows that if Lebron is on an NBA roster then he’s actually the one coaching it.

Lebron’s search process for a head coach must be similar to what Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones does. He looks for someone who he can beat into submission and walk all over.

If that wasn’t enough, Lebron’s alcoholism has gotten a lot worse since joining the LA Lakers.

It’s difficult enough to coach Lebron James when he’s sober but he’s now constantly drunk all the time. This makes the Lakers coaching jobs one of the worst in the entire NBA now.

It’s nice to see the NBA coaches fight back and stop feeding into Lebron’s massive ego. It’s truly sad to see Lebron James murder a once proud franchise like the Lakers.