The greatest quarterback of all time for each team: The NFC North

Folks, we’re getting into the part of the year where sports slow down. Football is especially dead. So in order to cope with that we make these random lists and we have debates on who is the greatest.

In this series we will look at each NFL team and rank their greatest quarterback in franchise history.

We’ve already done the NFC East quarterbacks.

Up next is the NFC North. I absolutely love this division. It’s tough and hard-nosed football. There’s been some great quarterbacks to play in this division, too.

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Green Bay Packers- Aaron Rodgers

As a football fan I’ll always love Brett Favre a hell of a lot more than I’ll ever love Aaron Rodgers but in terms of talent it’s not even close. Aaron Rodgers may end up being the greatest quarterback of all time when it’s all said and done.

Aaron Rodgers is on pace to break all of Brett Favre’s Packers records and he already has the same amount of Super Bowl rings. Rodgers is supremely talented and that gives him the edge here.

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Detroit Lions- Matthew Stafford

I can’t believe that the Lions are such a pathetic franchise that I have to give this award to Matthew Stafford. Stafford is the type of quarterback that is great for your fantasy football league most years (though I traded for him last year in the middle of the season and he was miserable) but he’s actually not very good in real life.

He puts up numbers but he doesn’t have anything to show for it. The only thing he’s done for the Lions is take them from being perennial losers to a team that is consistently in the middle of the pack.

Matthew Stafford is essentially a pretty woman who has no intelligence. She looks like she can be the one you’d want to spend the rest of your life with but she will never give you what you truly want.

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Minnesota Vikings- Fran Tarkenton

I don’t know much about Fran Tarkenton because I’m not 80 years old but by the looks of it he was pretty good. He had over 33,000 yards and 239 touchdowns. He was a franchise staple for a team that has had very little luck with quarterbacks in recent years.

The Vikings really have only had three franchise quarterbacks and that’s only if you consider Daunte Culpepper but he only had a 48% winning percentage in his career with the team. I’m sure Vikings fans would love to invent a time machine and take Fran Tarkenton into this era and have him quarterback this football team now.

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Chicago Bears- Jay Cutler

This is absolutely sickening. I’m literally throwing up as I type this right now. Jay Cutler is actually the greatest quarterback in franchise history for the Chicago Bears.

I get that this team is founded on defense and running the football but holy shit this is bad. I mean he leads the franchise in virtually every category including quarterback wins. Jay Cutler. A quarterback who is the definition of mediocre.

The Bears can only hope that Mitch Trubisky is the real deal. If we do this list again in a few years and Trubisky hasn’t surpassed Jay Cutler then Bears fans will know that something went horribly wrong.